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Silver division wisdom hui technology co., LTD. (innkteck) guarantee directly from innkteck purchased product conforms to the corresponding specification and provide the approval of the samples. Products from the date of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, but must abide by the terms of the provisions of this contract. If in the warranty period, the product is not in conformity with the essential requirements, innkteck itself or through others choose to repair or replacement modules or unqualified parts, or according to the purchase price to compensate the buyer.

 If the buyer or user fails to comply with any applicable innkteck products, this limited warranty is invalid; If change the parts from other manufacturers; Or products outside the electricity value stipulated in the work, or by improper use or pressure, including insufficient voltage/overvoltage conditions, excessive switching cycle, as well as in normal work beyond the range of the work under the environmental conditions (e.g., temperature). 

Because of external reasons (including but not limited to natural disasters), leading to the invalid product innkteck does not assume responsibility; More than the product specifications of the surge; Incorrect power supply; The buyer or user's fault or negligence; Improper or unauthorized use, installation, processing, storage, maintenance, changes, or service; Any abuse, misuse, abnormal use or violation of any applicable standard, specification, or the use of the installation instructions, including the latest national electrical code (NEC), underwriters laboratory safety standards of the state.

Innkteck no loss of profit, promotion and/or manufacturing cost, indirect cost, reputation damage and/or the customer is responsible for the loss. Any replacement product or component part (s) will be quite as the original ones on the function, but not the same as the original ones. The rest of the original warranty period. How to carry out warranty claim innkteck must be issued for all quality assurance review requests a return material authorization (RMA#). 

If want to undertake the warranty claim for compensation, please keep the fault products, and the failure within thirty (30) days after written notice to your sole sales representative, in the first time contact will be asked to provide photos or video. After the first contact with innkteck, the buyer should in receive about whether, when and where the product instructions of shipment returned products in a timely manner.

 If you need, the product must be returned within 10 days. If you do not comply with this program, will make this limited warranty is invalid. Innkteck reserves the right to check all the failure products, in order to determine the cause of the failure and usage patterns, and will be the only judges, to determine whether any product is flawed, and covered under this limited warranty.

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